Veronika Šimečková
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

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Submitted:30. 5. 2010
Accepted: 24. 11. 2010
Published online: 27. 12. 2010


The author is presenting her experiences with the application and use of elements of alternative pedagogy of Maria Montessori while working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia The author realized the research part of her work between 2006 and 2009 focusing on OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) and Street children living in compound in Kalingalinga. The research was done in three phases, during which the author prepared the environment for the work with children according to Maria Montessori, produced weekly activity plan, working sheets and preparedrelevant summer activities. She also prepared case studies relevant to these activities. In order for the reader to understand the issues and problems discussed here, she also explains the social situation in Zambia, that is its education system and its poverty that negatively affects lives of children (street children and OVC).

Keywords: Zambia; poverty; education; Maria Montessori pedagogy; prepared environment


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