Martin Šimák
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Department of Legal Branches, Management and Economy, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

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Submitted:19. 1. 2010
Accepted: 26. 4. 2010
Published online: 11. 6. 2010


The article deals with selected issues of the valid legal regulation of the pension insurance of the Czech Republic, with focus on the security of seniors. Pension insurance is one of the key systems of social security. Its purpose is the material security of persons in old age, on the base of fulfilment of conditions defined by law. It is usual that with increasing age, the persons gradually lose the ability to achieve the work performance they commonly did at a productive age. But as they procure funds to ensure living, housing and other needs by working, such income decreases or disappears with reduced or terminated working activity. The decrease of funds must be compensated. Provision of substitutive income from several sources is optimum. But an indispensable minimum is at least one stable income, typically represented in European circumstances by the old-age pension guaranteed by the state and provided from the system of pension insurance. This system has undergone numerous changes from its inception till the present; the changes are related to a number of factors – particularly to the political and economic situation, but also e.g. to the demographic development in the country. The need of essential changes to the Czech pension system has been discussed for many years. The changes should concern particularly the funding of a system that can soon get into serious problems because of adverse demographic development. The first hints of such problems are emerging already, particularly with regard to the fall of income from the insurance premiums collected for the year 2009. Some so called parametric changes to the system have already been approved and became effective as from 1/1/2010. Therefore the article deals also with the system changes already approved or considered for the future within the reform of pension insurance.

Keywords: pension insurance;senior; old-age pension; reform


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